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Welcome my friends! Thank you for coming by!

Been a bit again since my last update. Time seems to be flying so fast these days.
I have been creative, but not in ways of making things for sale as of late.
Been doing a lot of projects around the house, including some tiny renovations and
someome and some massive down-sizing.
It is incredible the things I have collected over the years!

We have been going on small adventures too, exploring the beaches and mountains in all
their beautiful winter glory! Spending time with family and friends, and you know, doing
and living that little thing we call life, haha!

But I figured I would jump on here and say "hi". My life is going through some beautiful
transitions, so I find I am not creating like I used to... where I need to pay my bills kind of
creating... and now I am doing more creating for the sake of creating... which sometimes
is not necessarily something for sale. But just as fulfilling to me, if not more so!!!
I do plan to keep making art for sale as well, but I think I will use my website to share all
my creations, not just what I have for sale.

Some fun news in the creative direction is that one of my favorite stores in Lincoln City,
OR: "
Lincoln City Glass Center", right near Siletz Bay, and our favorite hotel, and
favorite beach ..... is now featuring some of my glass work!
This little area of Lincoln City has so many wonderful and magical energies for me, so it
is truly a perfect place for some of my artwork!
They will now carry and be selling some of my glass beads, bottles, jewelry, and even
some of my wind chimes! It makes me smile to go in and visit and see my things in their
cool little shop! As I said this area is very special to me! So if you are ever in town
visiting Lincoln City, looking for floats on the beach there, or just enjoying the gorgeous
scenery there, stop by the Glass Center! They have the little artist shop/gallery and also
a working hot glass shop where people can create their own blown glass pieces!

I plan on doing a few shows this spring/summer, and again this is a bit of a transition for
me...because I am going to be setting up a booth for sharing more than selling... though I
will have some of my pieces for sale there. I will be renting the space to offer some things
for free. Again, keeping a promise to myself that if I ever were in a position that my
artwork did not need to pay my bills, I would give it away for free...
I am being called to share my gifts and talents in love, and it will just be a bonus if I make
enough to cover the rent space for the booth with the things I do offer for sale.
I have been in a course, almost half a year now, and still in progress of:  Sound Healing.
I have learned so much! Sound and music have always touched me deeply, and now even
more so. I want to share this forward in simple ways.
My husband helped me create this beautiful chair, which we made out of one piece of
pine lumber, a 2x10. We found a cool design/pattern online called a Star Gazer or Viking
style chair. I designed it so that anyone can come sit in it, and I will offer a free sound
experience with my drums and crystal bowls. I set the chakra stones in the back of the
chair, to align with the spine and then I wood burned some designs around them and also
a tree of life design on the bottom with the roots being represented as connecting to the
earth, Gaia, when it is set up. I am not claiming healing, though I do believe sound and
music are very healing. I just want to share the message of LOVE. Of giving without
expecting something back. Just a peaceful sharing of love through
sound/energy/vibration. Reminding myself and in turn others of love, peace, unity, and
beauty. We Are Love!
Same thing with our "Message In A Bottles".
No strings attached, no money required, just a sharing of my artwork in all of it's forms,
even musically/vibrationally in this case. And truthfully all we do and all that we are ...
is this vibration! And we are all connected!

(I have posted pictures of the chair below). I can't wait to share LOVE with it!
Oh and my husband has decided it needs a pair of wings coming out from the side! Haha!
So that is the next step for the chair, sewing/creating some material and wire wings for
the sides, I have a feeling they are going to be colorful and rainbow!

Keep on sharing, keep on shining, keep on spreading love in the way only YOU can!
Let's light this place up with Be-YOU-ty!

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