Lampwork Vessel Bottle Pendant - "Rainbow Portal"

Here is a GORGEOUS lampwork vessel or amphora bottle.
It can be filled with a small amount of your favorite perfumes or essential oils, sand from your
favorite beach, or even put a tiny scroll inside with a poem or wish on it. My bottles have even
been used for cremains keepsakes.

A lovely colorful design inspired by the beauty and colors of life!
A reminder to look for the rainbows in life!

Sterling Silver Safety Chain, Bali Silver Spacers, Head Pins, and Beads.
Largest spacer is silver-plate.
Handle is wire worked with silver-plated wire.
Chain is 22 inches and is a base metal and comes with the bottle.

Bottle measures 2 and 5/8 inches tall, (or 64 millimeters), from top of wire wrapped loop to bottom
point of vessel.
It measures approx. 1 and 1/2 inches or 39mm across at handles.
Opening of bottle is 5.5mm and this same width goes straight down into the vessel to the bottom
forming the hollow space.

Bottle has a removable cork stopper that fits tightly.
Bottle and matching topper bead were lovingly hand torched by me and have
been properly kiln annealed.

Item #J-2359
Close Up
(shown in inches)