Interchangable (and Refillable) Bead Pen

Another great way to show off your favorite lampwork beads!
Add your own lampwork beads and silver findings to create a unique and
personal gift or even treat yourself!

Bead pen comes in 3 parts. The topper, the bead bar, and the bottom.
Each piece screws into each other, allowing for beads and findings to
easily be placed on. Beads and findings need have at least a 3/32 hole to
fit onto the bead bar. The bead bar has an extra long screw thread at the
top of the pen, so that beads and findings can have a perfect and tight fit
every time, when the cap is placed on to hold them in place.
Be sure to screw the shortest thread of the rod into the bottom of the pen.

These pens are made with a very nice quality metal, which allows the  
parts to last longer, be more durable, and at the same time creating an
elegant look! They are heavy and very sleek!
The pen is refillable and opens or retracts with a slight twist to the
bottom half of the pen. Pen comes with one blue ink cartridge inside.

Pen measures approx.  6 inches when all three pieces are in place.
Pen comes in polished black metal with silver accents creating a
gorgeous look to any beads or findings!

Item #J-55

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Measurement shown in inches
Close up of examples
Beads and Bali silver
spacers are not included
with the pen.
Retractrable Pen tip with a
slight twist of the pen base
Bead pen comes in three parts:
topper, bead bar, and bottom.
Bead Pen easily screws together
allowing beads and findings to be
placed onto bead bar
For using refills, simply pull off top half of the bottom part of
the pen, at the same place where you twist to re-tract the pen.
Refill cartidge unscrews and can be
replaced with either black or blue ink
cartridges, which I have available for sale
on the "
Lampwork Supplies" page.