Close Up
That orbed maiden,
with white fire laden,
whom mortals call the moon....

Calling her to dance under the stars.
Shimmering moonbeams reach and wrap around her like soft silk.
The moon smiles as her eyes close and her heart lifts in letting go.

This beautiful Faery wand is done in Iridescent Dichro in a beautiful Indigo
color with hints of Golden aura. A natural Quartz Crystal point adorns the tip
of the wand and a Crystal Clear orb adorns the top of the wand. Spiraling
wire holds Crystal Clear beads with a core of Lavender. The beads move
freely around the spirals.  This wand was lovingly handmade and soldered by
me. It has a loop that can be used for adorning ribbons or to hang and wear
from a leather cord or chain.

Wand measures 5 and 1/4 inches tall from top of loop to end of crystal point.

"Wand of Moonbeams"
Glass Faery Wand