"Wand of Dreams"
Close Ups
Dreams are the hopes and wishes spun by the mind.
Wether awake or fast asleep, our souls ambitions can be created, come to
life, and grow wings to fly.

We create our tomorrow's by what we dream today!

This beautiful Faery wand is done in Amethyst Purple and Silver toned
accents. A spinning silver trail wraps around the wand, carrying tiny little
beads that are free moving over the wand. A natural Quartz Crystal point
adorns the tip of the wand. This wand was lovingly handmade and soldered
by me. It has a loop that can be used for adorning ribbons or to hang and
wear from a leather cord or chain.

Wand measures 5 and 3/8 inches tall from top of loop to end of crystal point.