Close Ups
This bead bauble was found by a
Rose fae named Zuzana. As one of
the keepers of the wild roses she was
busily giving each bud a morning kiss
to awaken it for bloom when a
particullary plump rosebud opened up
and granted her this spectacular
sparkling suncatcher!

It has traveled through three
enchanted forests on the back of her
sparrow, Eben, to finally make it's
way to mortal hands.
It has caused many a green-eyed
faery to covet such a shimmering
treasure for their possesion!

With it's deep plunged bubbles that
catch light from every angle it is a
tempting treasure for the fairies
You better keep this bauble close by
your watch or the wee folk are bound
to snatch it up again!
Bead measures approx 7/16 of an
inch by 5/8 of an inch. Hole
measures 1/8 of an inch.