Close Ups
On a recent walk in the woods, I was enjoying
the soft orchestra from the crickets and
admiring the stars in the night sky. On a whim
I decided to stay and sit awhile under a rather
large Oak.
As I closed my eyes I heard small whispers of
a song that almost floated on the air around
me. The words were not audible, and it was
more like the tinkling of small bells.

I looked up to discover a small faery resting
delicately on a branch above me. She seemed
to be fading in and out of view, and holding
what appeared to be a large firefly.

I introduced myself and was greeted with a
pleasant introduction in return. As she spoke
to me she was truly becoming translucent.
She explained to me that she was only visible
under star-light and that most stars are so far
away that they do not eminate enough light for
her appearance. However, on the occasional
clear night she enjoyed catching some
sparkling shimmers from the falling stars.

This particular night she had captured a rather
large piece. It's brilliance from her hands was
allowing me to see her. She told me that her
magical songs, or "star-chants" helped to
prolong the life of the star for just a moment.
She finished her song and with that, the small
glow from the star faded into the night and so
did she.

There in the very spot on the branch where
she had been sitting, was this elegant bead.
Bead measures approx. 21mm by 21mm.
It has a thickness of approx. 11mm.
Bead was made on a 1/16th inch mandrel.