Close Ups
Bead measures 1 and 1/2 inches
long by 5/8 of an inch wide.
Hole measures 1/16 of an inch.
While walking on a wooded path through the forest
last Thursday I spotted a flash of color against the
golden pine needles and verdant leaves covering
the forest floor. It was somewhat off of the trail,
but the vibrant colors beckoned me to go and take
a closer look.
To my amazement there stood a single rose bud in
the middle of an emerald bush, blooming in all of
it's glory out there in the middle of nowhere.

It was the most beautiful rose I have ever seen.
The soft pink petals had an almost golden glow at
the tips. There was not a petal out of place. I was
so tempted to pluck the botanical treasure for
myself, but instead bent down near the bloom to
take in the aroma and feel the soft petals. The
scent was almost magical. Intoxicating rose,
mingled with honey and pine. The petals were as
soft as silk.  I closed my eyes for just a moment to
enjoy the radiant scent and feel the petals against
my face. Upon opening my eyes, there stood a tiny
woodland faery.
Her tip toes just gracing the center of the bloom.

She danced there for a moment, light as a feather.
It almost seemed that the mountain breezes were
the force spinning her about. Then she spoke in
sing-song of her love for the beauties in nature and
her protective stewardship over all the small
woodland creatures and fair flowers. Her words
were mesmerizing, and just a whisper, creating a
calm serenity through the slight breeze like a
dream on a dream. It all lasted for just a few blinks
of the eye, I could scarcely breathe to take it all in
before she vanished, just as quick as she had
appeared, into the sun rays that were streaming
through the pines. But there at the bottom of the
wild rose bush was this beautiful bauble. Her song
and treasure were a true gift indeed.