Close Ups
Bead measures 1 and 1/16 of an
inch long by 1/2 of an inch wide.
Hole measures 1/8 of an inch.
This Bead Bauble was named not only after the dark
tapered ends in the design, but for the creature who
first happened upon it.

A rather plump and mischevious raven had this bauble
in his possesion until one bewildering and particually
cold day when he met the ever so clever and
persausive Forest Oak Fairy, "Abianne".
With her beauty, warmth, and magical song the raven
was convinced that he must gift this treasure to her.

I traded it to Abianne for a light up ring that my kids
got out of a gumball machine. She was fascinated with
the colored lights changing from red to green and
back again. She was delighted with the trade and still
giggling over the poor raven. We wondered what
came of him, after Abianne's last glittering charms
had worn away and dissappeared into the night,
leaving him with only a missing bead bauble, and a
clouded memory.

We thought it only fair to name this trinket in his
behalf! So hence it shall be named!