Close Ups
This bead bauble was found in the very
tree hollow where Peter Pan had his
secret hiding place!
After Captain Hook and his crew
scavanged and looted the underground
tunnels,  the lost boys collected the few
remaining trinkets and baubles that
were left behind in the chaos. This
lovely silvered-ivory scrolled bead,
with it's window into a swirl of earthen
colors was one of the prized finds of
Slightly, one of the lost boys.

A tree faery by the name of Tegwen
came into the possesion of this bead
after winning a bet with Slightly,  on
who could hold his breath the longest.

He didn't bother to mention to Slightly
that wee folk can hold their breath 10
times longer then anyone could dream
of.....and he carried this trophy around
proudly for weeks before I met up with
him. He relented it to my possesion
with a bit of bribery and bargaining.
Bead measures approx 3/4 of an
inch by 5/8 of an inch. Bead has a
width of 1/4 of an inch.
Hole measures 1/8 of an inch.