Close Ups
This bead bauble was named after the moon,
as it was a shining moonbeam that
led it to be discovered.

It was found by a particularly keen owl out for
his midnight hunt. A tiny sparkle caught his eye
in the thicket, but instead of a mouse for a meal
he found this gorgeous bauble. Owls do not
have much need for trinkets and such, unless it
is for trading with the wee folk. He got an
especially good treasure out of the
old soft sheen tapestery made by the fairies
which he used for lining in his nest.

It was traded to him by Kailen, a faery warrior
and friend to the night creatures. He told me he
had plans to gift it to his love, Sabine Fae. But
on second thought he decided to trade it to me
for a little pewter dagger that I got out
of an old "Clue" game.
I think I got the better of the deal!
Bead measures approx 3/4 of an inch
by 3/4 of an inch in length and width
and measures about 7/16 of an inch
in thickness. Hole measures 1/8 of an