Close Up
This bead bauble was used by the Water fae
of the ancient Galleaon Realm.
On the eve of each Blue moon a secret spring
of Mystical Living Waters is drawn from
behind the Sapphire Falls. The Water fae
store these precious droplets of water in
various ornate vessels. The Living Waters are
said to help the wee folk keep their youthful
spirit and longevity.

Aeval, the gaurdian of the Sapphire Falls
granted this enchanted Cobalt vessel to me in
return for a certain sparkly ring I had on my
Apparently her silver crown was getting a bit
tarnished and she wanted a gold replacement.
The fit was perfect and she said it was fate!

She took extra precaution to empty out any
residual droplets from the vessel and gave me
a lecture on how human folk are not worthy of
the magical waters....I was almost offended,
but then thought the better of it and was happy
for the extraordinary exchange.
Vessel measures 2 and 1/2 inches
in total length and 1 and 1/4 inches
across at handles.
All wire working is done in Sterling
Silver. Tassel has real Iolite and
Citrine stones.