Close Up
Such delicate designs and dew kissed bubbles
float on this enchanting bauble.
Kalyani, the faery keeper of imagination,
ideas, and fancy created this treasure over
100 years ago. It has been passed through the
hands of the fae folk whom bless us with
creative inspiration.

It is this type of fae, whom we refer to when
we are "kissed by our muse".  Which is
exactly how
I came upon this glorious bauble. There I was
strolling along a blooming path of flowers in
the meadows of Williams. Day-dreaming of
bright colors and flowers when a soft gentle
whisper touched my face.

A Golden-Ivory Fae giggled and danced
around, filling my mind with inspiration and
dreams. She left me with this bauble and the
story of it's creation and disappeared into the
golden rays of sun that glistened against the
morning sky.

This bauble is sure to bring you your own
inspiration as you carry it with you, or turn it
into that special charm for yourself!
Bead measures 1 and 1/16 inches
long and 5/8 inches wide.
Hole measures 3/32 of an inch.
You can choose to purchase this bead
alone, or with this enchanted faery.
She measures just over 5 inches tall
and has posable wings, arms, and legs.
She is sure to bring whimsy and magic
anywhere you choose to keep her.