(shown in inches)
"Magundi" means "Female Magician" in the Sanskrit language.
I thought that was a fitting name for this beautiful wand.

I made this Faery wand with Polymer clay, designing all of the detail work
and then hand painting the wand as well. The clay is white with the details
done in black paint. The top is adorned with a large Chevron Amethyst stone
and the bottom has a gorgeous Crystal Quartz point. The body of the wand
has stones set into it in two groups. Near the bottom there is a group of three
stones, Amethyst, Labadorite, and Moonstone. At the top the group of stones
represent the Chakra and it's colors:

Violet (Amethyst stone)= Crown - Personal identification with Infinite.
Oneness with God. Peace. Wisdom

Indigo (Lapis stone)= Third Eye - Clearing subconscious to channel intuition.
Balanced state of mind. See divine perfection in all things. Devotion.

Blue (Blue Aventurine stone)= Throat - Ability to verbalize. Expressing truth
through power of the spoken word.

Green (Peridot stone) = Heart - Release emotionally suppressed trauma.
Soul/Heart consciousness. Expressing love in action.

Yellow (Citrine stone)- Solar Plexus - Assimilation experience. Digestion.
Positive use of personal power. Manifest goals.

Orange (Carnelian stone) = Sacral - Utilization of creative forces into all
aspects of being. High soul procreation. Direct self toward devotion.

Red (Garnet stone) = Base - Ground spirit forces in body. Gain ability to
work lovingly on the physical plane.

Wand measures 7 and 3/4 inches long or about 97 millimeters. It measures
15/16 inches at widest point and 7/16 at most narrow area, or 23mm at widest
point and 11mm at most narrow area.


Polymer clay and gemstone Faery Wand
Close Ups