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Polymer Clay and Gemstone Wand - "Eset"

"Eset" is another form of the name "Isis" - Egyptian Mother Goddess
(Aset, Eset, Aat, Menkhet, Hert, Ament, Menhet) - translated "Throne"

She ruled over all matters concerning mothering, life, and sorcery.  As the personification of the
throne, she was an important source of the Pharaoh's power. She was depicted in human form,
crowned either by a throne or by cow horns enclosing a sun disk, occasionally a vulture was
incorporated in her crown. She is also depicted as a kite above the mummified body of Osiris.
She was divinely represented by the Ankh.

Eset (Isis) is one of the four great protector goddesses, which included Bast, Nephyths, and
Hathor. She guarded coffins and the Canopic jars. In the origin myth of Ra and the world, Isis
found out Ra's name by enchanting a poisonous snake to bite him. When Ra was close to dying,
Isis told him that she could only heal him if she knew Ra's true name. By knowing Ra's name,
she then had power equal to him and was then given all of her magical power and was forever
known as the Divine Sorceress.


I wanted to create a wand incorporating Eset/Isis' symbols, colors, and magic!
I have included several of the gemstones that the Ancient Egyptians favored, as well as their
ancient symbols, and some of the symbols that directly represented Eset/Isis.
Below are the meanings of the symbols and gemstones:


The Scarab Beetle symbolized hope and the restoration of life to the ancient Egyptians. The
ancient Egyptians saw how these beetles (scarabs) lived and emerged from dry ground and used
this as a metaphor for the entombing and resurrection of their mummies. In this way the beetle
became the Egyptian symbol for rebirth, the ability to be reborn.

Ankh was the Symbol of eternal life. The gods are often seen holding an ankh to someone's
lips this is considered to be an offering of "The Breath of Life". The breath you will need in the
afterlife. Eset/Isis was divinely represented with this symbol and in many of the ancient pictures
or carvings she is depicted holding this symbol.

Wings of Isis -  Eset/Isis is a Bird Goddess. Her most important sacred animal is a bird of prey.
The Goddess often takes the form of Her sacred raptor; the kestrel (the most common falcon in
Egypt), or "kite".


Goldstone: (Embdded gemstone): Ambition, Calming, Stabilizing, Healing.

Lapis  Lazuli: (Crystal point and embedded gemstone): A highly favored stones by the Egyptians,
they used this gem to represent depth and purity and only Royalty were allowed to wear it.
The infamous golden burial mask of King Tut was inlaid with Lapis.
In modern times and through-out the past it has also been used to represent: Truthfulness, Inner
Power, Organization.

Turquoise: (Embedded gemstone): A highly favored stone by the Egyptians, The coloring is
similar to that of the tropical sea and it was used to represent joy, cleanliness and pleasure. The
infamous golden burial mask of King Tut was inlaid with Turquoise. In modern times and
through-out history it has also represented: Sacred, Master Healer Stone, Protection, Honesty,

Garnet: (Embedded gemstone):  Ancient Egyptian jewelers favored this gemstone, especially the
deep red color, as it was symbolic of power, energy, life, blood and death. In modern times and
through out other cultures and past it has also represented:Protective, Regeneration, Energizing,

Amber: (Embedded gemstone):  Purification, Romance, Wisdom, Balance.

Carnelian: (Embedded gemstone): Egyptians held the belief that this gem would assist in a safe
passage to the afterlife and held special powers there. Carnelian amulets were worn by the
deceased and many artifacts created from the gem are commonly found in tombs. In modern
times and through out other cultures and past it has also represented: Creativity, Individuality,
Courage, Protection.

Iolite:  (Embedded gemstone):  Spiritual, Psychic Vision, Meditation

Peridot:  (Embedded gemstone): Balance, Compassion, Healing, Abundance, Harmony.

Labradorite:  (Embedded gemstone): Transformation, Magic, Balance, Clarity, Success.

Amethyst:  (Embedded gemstone):
The ancient Egyptians used this stone to represent royalty. In modern times and throughout
history it also represents: Peace, Mediation, Calming, Psychic, Spiritual, Intuition.

Onyx: (Carved Scarab): Protection, Grounding, Stabilizing.


I made this wand with polymer clay. It has a base of Ebony Black color, which I have dusted with
Golds and Coppers for a beautiful shimmer, with Turquoise detailing, all sealed in with a clear

This wand measures in length of 8 and 15/16 inches and having a width of 5/8 of an inch at the
widest part of the wand. The wing span measures 2 and 7/8 inches across.
It has a beautiful, large, Lapis point at the top and the bottom forms a twist with gemstones and
amulets embedded through out the design. (15 gemstones in total, including the Lapis point, and
Onyx Scarab).

The gold colored wings have their design on both sides and are antiqued with turquoise and

This is such a detailed and symbolic wand!
Great for meditation, energy healing, and ceremony!

Polymer Clay and Gemstone Wand
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