Close Up
Each time a flower blooms for the very first
time a "Flower Fae" is born. These delightful
faeries take on the characteristics of the flower
whence they were bloomed from. They come in
many shades and hues, but my favorite has
always been the lavender flower fae.

I just so happened to come upon her in a
meadow of spring flowers. She was sitting ever
so softly in a patch of daisies, and had I not
caught the glimmering reflection of her wings
agains the sun, I would have missed her all

She gifted me this gorgeous bauble and as I
watched, she magically kissed each section of
the bauble, where upon with each kiss a tiny
flower appeared and bloomed before my eyes.

What a special bauble indeed! I named the
bead "Chameli", which means creeps softly
with flowers". I thought it fitting for the Flower
Fae. She says it will carry the blessings of
Spring to the bearer, even in dark seasons life
and winter.
Bead measures 20mm x 20mm.
Hole measures 1/16 of an inch.
"Chameli" Bead
Item# J-337