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How is your week going? I hope you have had a little bit of magic and lots of love
and joy!

I have been able to do some painting, journaling, and even going to have some
glass fun this weekend!!

I  have some new crystal and gemstone wands up for grabs today
I cut, shap
e and polish these wands myself.  I bless each piece and set an
that it will be a tool of vibrational healing through love, created
specifically at this time, for the world and humanity.
I cleanse
each piece with a Sage smudge ceremony, filling it with Earth energy in
beautiful sunlight and set intentions with it in prayer and with a crystal tuning
s. I also placed the "Ohm" resonance into the pieces with an  Ohm tuning
"Ohm" is the vibrational sound of the universe.
My wish is that th
ese pieces will be drawn to the person that needs them in their
life at this time so that they may use
them for healing on themselves as well as
others. To send healing and love out into our world.
They are great for
Meditation and Healing purposes and Gemstone therapy and a
re also perfect to
display in your meditation or altar areas.

Just click on the photos below to learn more about each piece and to view more

Thanks for stopping! I am sending you a lots of love and blessings!
Chrysocolla Wand
Serpentine Wand
Banded Agate Wand
Banded Agate Wand
Lepidolite Wand
Lepidolite Wand
Chrysocolla Wand
Chrysocolla Wand
Angelite Wand